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Meeting Your Specialized Needs
In addition to generalized physical therapy we provide certified hand therapy that addresses the specialized needs of hand injuries and dysfunction such as early fracture management, tendon injuries, dislocations, acute injuries, chronic conditions, cumulative trauma disorders, arthritis, and much more. Our capabilities in hand therapy are as diverse and specialized as the needs of our patients.

Progress Begins With The Right Technologies
Our facilities offer full-capability gyms with stationary bikes, treadmills, free weights, weight machines, and other strength training devices. Through these advanced technologies and the genuine interest and concern of your therapist, you will recover quickly and properly. Teamwork between you, your physical therapist . . . and your physician
The most effective results can be achieved by keeping the lines of communication open between patients, doctors and therapists. When a physician refers you to us for therapy, we send them full, detailed reports of patient condition, treatment, progress, and our own recommendations and observations. Whether you come in for post-operative rehabilitation or a sprained ankle, you'll have a team of professionals working with you to help you achieve your desired goals.

Partners Dedicated to Productivity
Moreau Physical Therapy is also a licensed partner with the Industrial Safety and Rehabilitation Institute (I.S.R.), Inc. WorkSaver Systems. Together, we provide comprehensive programs for insurance companies, employers, and employees. WorkSaver Systems aims to prevent workplace injuries through a number of services:

  • Employment testing to evaluate employee's abilities, strengths, and qualifications to perform a job
  • Post-injury testing and functional-capacity evaluations to assess the medical validity of a claim and to determine the severity of the injury
  • Job-site analysis
  • Back and Neck School to teach workers proper posture and work habits to decrease risk of on-the-job injuries

Relieving Your Mind And Body
The toll that injuries and physical pain take on your body can cause frustration and anxiety. We try to ease the process for you by having you work with the same treating team of therapists and therapy assistants each time you come to our clinic so that you can build a strong goal-oriented relationship of trust and respect.

We offer convenient appointments and a variety of payment options, and we make a special effort to see your appointments promptly. Once you come meet us, you'll feel like a member of our extended family. We are all dedicated to providing effective results.

Exceed Your Physical Limitations
When you receive effective therapy you'll feel it in every aspect of your life. We will help you maintain that feeling. An important component of our therapy is prevention - to teach you how to avoid re-injury and improper body mechanics.

We want to make sure the results of your hard work will last and provide continuous activity, flexibility, and comfort.

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