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The LOUISIANA MARATHON Training Guide Programs for the Full Marathon, ½ Marathon, and ¼ Marathon were written for walkers and runners who wish to train for one of the 2017 events sponsored by the LOUISIANA MARATHON.  All those training are encouraged to try to stick to the printed schedule for best results for injury free training and for completion of the selected event.   All Training Programs are written to begin on Sunday, October 16, 2016 and will take the participant through 3 months of training up to the selected event either on Saturday, January 14 or Sunday, January 15, 2017.


IMPORTANT:  PLEASE consult with your personal physician BEFORE beginning any of these training programs. 


See below descriptions for specific information regarding event training you are considering.  It is IMPORTANT to select an event to train for that fits YOUR PRESENT specific health and fitness capabilities.  For example:  if you are not presently a jogger or runner it would be a good idea to select the ¼ marathon as your event to complete and NOT to select either the ½ or Full Marathon events for training as those events require that you are already a regular runner AND presently running specific weekly mileages in order to train to complete the event in only 3 months.


All Training Programs are designed to allow you to train slowly, but surely, to complete the race WITHOUT injury.  These training programs are Tried and True having been utilized many, many times in training other exercisers for other races and events including the Crescent City Classic 10k, the Jazz ½ Marathon and the New York City Marathon, to mention just a few.  Safe training is essential, and does place responsibility for “correct” event selection AND for regular training squarely on the participant.  DO NOT select an event that is clearly beyond your health and fitness capabilities for training over the next 3 months!


DO NOT attempt to enter and to train for an event that does not match your PRESENT CAPABILITIES and remember to consult with YOUR physician!  Safe training will improve your fitness, enhance your health and well-being AND bring great personal satisfaction.  Hopefully, you will continue your exercise habit long after the end of which ever race you select!



¼ Marathon:  This race will be 6.55 mi in length.  The Training Guide for this event is designed for the casual jogger and/or walker who is presently and easily able to complete 2 miles wants to increase mileage to complete the 6.55 mile course.  This Training Program is slow and gradual, starts with walking, progresses to walking and jogging, and ends with jogging the 6.55 mi course.


½ Marathon:  This is a 13.1 mi race.  Those selecting this event should be regular joggers or runners who regularly run at least 15 - 18 miles/wk with at least one weekly run being 6 mi in length. This Training Program moves between lower and higher mileages with longer runs mid-week and Sundays.  The lower mileages and rest days provide for “relative rest” between increasingly longer runs.


Full Marathon:  This race will be 26.2 mi in length.  And, as this Training Guide only provides for a 3 month training period, do not select to train for this event unless already regularly running 20 - 25 mi/wk including several runs of 6 – 8 miles/week.  This training will be tough and speed work should be clearly “off the table” unless you are a previous marathoner and/or regularly run long, fast miles.  This training program is for those who want to complete the marathon distance WITHOUT concentration on speed. This training will take dedication and persistence over the next 3 months!


TO ALL:  Have Fun!  Choose the CORRECT distance for yourself!  The GOAL is race completion WITHOUT injury!  Go easy, at a pace that feels good to YOU, not the speed that is best for your friend or relative.  The true winner is EACH PERSON who TRAINS regularly and FINISHES the race!

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