Success Stories

" I am a 22-year-old college student and marathon runner. When I first came to Moreau Physical Therapy I was in immense pain and discomfort after running my second marathon. I was having extreme hip flexor pain that was inhibiting everyday activities such as walking (especially up and down stairs.) I thought I was going to have to take months off of running in order for my injury to heal, something no runner wants to hear. I heard of dry needling at the marathon expo the day before the Louisiana Marathon where Moreau Physical Therapy was the main physical therapy sponsor. I was a little wary of the needles, but I was willing to try anything to alleviate my pain and make my recovery time shorter. When I first stepped in the office my nervousness subsided because of the extremely friendly staff. Ryan explained the process of dry needling in depth, and I had my first treatment. Dry needling has changed my life! I know that is a strong statement, but this treatment did more for me than I ever expected.

My recovery time was drastically shorter and the healing process was fast enough that I was able to successfully train for another full marathon (26.2 miles) that took place only 9 short weeks after the Louisiana Marathon. Not only did I run fairly pain free, I ran my personal best time, 3 minutes faster than before! I would recommend the dry needling technique to anyone who is having pain and wants a very fast recovery.

Since my first visit at Moreau Physical Therapy, I have been treated in multiple places for different injuries that occurred from long distance running. My plantar fasciitis is even better – and I thought that would never go away."

-   Marci H.


“I was referred to Moreau Physical Therapy by my neurologist, because I could not get up from the chair without assistance.  I thought that this was due to my age, which is 84, and maybe I just had to live with it.

 Reluctantly, I went to my first physical therapy appointment. What a nice surprise, I was greeted by a super friendly staff and immediately I felt like I was their number one priority.  Even though it was hard work, I began looking forward to each of my sessions. After 11 sessions of 1 hour each, I am now able to get out of my chair all by myself. Quite an accomplishment

Many Thanks to all of the staff at Moreau and I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends.”

-    Jean C.



“When I first started physical therapy I was in constant pain all day. I also could not use my right arm to do daily task.  Since then I am having  full use of my arm.  My depression has resolved.  The staff is great. I am very pleased with my progress.  I will recommend all of my friends and family that may need Moreau Physical Therapy.”

-     Brandi R.



“Initially upon beginning my physical therapy at Moreau PT not only was I in extreme pain, but also quite uneasy about what to expect.  The professionals guided me through every step of the process, which cause my pain to subside as well as my nervous concerns about physical therapy.

I feel like I have known the Physical Therapist a lot longer than the time of my treatment. The family atmosphere is very much needed to get the most out of my treatment.  I would highly recommend Moreau Physical Therapy  to my family and friends. Thanks to all the staff for a speedy recovery!”

-     Duane B.


“I’m at the end of my physical and occupational therapy sessions. I take pleasure in saying that it was a rewarding experience. The staff starting with the receptionist was very helpful and patient.  During my PT and OT sessions the staff was really great.  I can recall during one of my sessions I became ill and they would not allow me to drive home, but called my wife to pick me up.  The staff took good care of me. As my therapy continued my condition improved tremendously!  I’m pleased with the service I received and I recommend Moreau Physical Therapy to others in need of therapy.”

-     Mitchell T.



“My doctor prescribed up to four weeks of physical therapy to treat my significant lower back pain. It had become very difficult to sit or stand for long periods of time without major discomfort. I was therefore very surprised that after on a couple of visits to Moreau PT, my symptoms had greatly subsided. Without a doubt, the treatment I have received has resulted in an outcome much better than I expected. Many thanks to Robin and her excellent staff for their great work with me!”

-          Denny



“At first I was unsure about the dry needling, but after getting immediate results after the first time of having it done on my neck I was so grateful for it.  Just about 4 or 5 sessions of it on my neck and back along with the exercises, I was pain free! I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I am so thankful and appreciative of everyone at Moreau Physical Therapy for helping me and taking such good care of me.”

 -Amanda M.

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