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Virtual Visits

Virtual Therapy Visits

Virtual Visits

Instructions For:

Pediatric Patients and Adult Speech Therapy

  • Download Physiapp: available for free on IOS, Apple , Android, and web.
  • Contact our clinics to schedule your at home virtual visit
  • Confirm your updated email address and phone number
  • Schedule your appointment: day and time with our staff member
  • New patients register on our patient portal:
    • Following your online registration: one of our staff members will contact you
  • An invitation will be sent by email with your access code and link
  • At your scheduled appointment time please be available through your platform of choice (smart phone or computer: that has video)
  • Confirm that your microphone and camera are working
  • Please be prepared to perform your daily exercises and activities
    • Comfortable clothing, adequate space, free of roaming pets, small children
  • Your therapist will initiate your visit at the scheduled time.

We’ve had some questions about what it looks like to log in for your first session, so please follow these instructions.

For use with a laptop or desktop computer with webcam:

1. Click the link in your appointment email:

Email Content

2. Check the box on “I agree to terms and service” :


3. Join a call with your therapist or wait in the virtual lobby for your therapist to be available!

Join a Call

For Iphone or Ipad users:

1. Click link in email and choose “open” option


2. Download the physitrack app on your device

Download App

3. Agree to Physitrack terms of service

Agree to terms

4. Choose “done” in the top right corner

Choose Done

5. Choose the green phone to answer call

Answer Call

6. Enable microphone and camera

Allow CameraAllow Microphone

For Android users:

1. Click link in email

Link in Email

2. Download App

App Download

3. Open App


4. Agree to terms of service and choose “next steps” in top right screen

Choose Next StepS

5. Choose “next step” in top right of screen

Choose Next Step - 5

6. Choose “next step” in top right of screen

Choose Next Step - 6

7. Choose green phone to answer call from therapist

Choose Done

8. Allow microphone and camera access

Allow VideoAllow Video