Now you can get Physical Therapy through direct access.

What Is Direct Access?

As of June 2016, Louisiana became the 38th state to allow direct access to physical therapy. This means you may seek physical therapy treatment without having to see a physician first. The goal of this law is to help provide easier access to care, less-costly care, and improved outcomes. You have a choice in where you receive your physical therapy and when you want to pursue care.

Moreau Physical Therapy

Why Go Direct to Moreau Physical Therapy?

Patient access to physical therapy is valuable to individuals for several reasons. Evidence has shown that providing patients with direct access to the physical therapist is cost-effective. Patients who begin physical therapy sooner after their initial injury, require fewer visits. If you choose PT first, you’ll feel better faster, and could potentially save money in the process! Who doesn’t love to save money?

Moreau Physical Therapy is the leading physical therapy, rehabilitation and wellness practice serving the Baton Rouge, Lafayette and New Orleans surrounding areas. Moreau Physical Therapy was founded in 1977, and has since grown to over 20 locations in Southern Louisiana. Our team of physical therapy experts specialize in managing outpatient and inpatient therapy models in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Pediatric Therapy, Chiropractic services, and Industrial Medicine services. We provide comprehensive treatment and wellness programs for the whole family; infants, children, teenagers, and older adults.

Celebrating 40 Years of Improving Patient's Lives

MenIf you or a loved one, are injured or in pain, request an appointment online at your closest Moreau Physical Therapy location.  

There are many places you can go for an injury; hopefully, now you know that you can choose physical therapy first and live more!