Industrial Medicine

What Is Industrial Medicine?

Moreau Physical Therapy has helped 100’s of companies save on their healthcare costs, and we can do the same for you. Industrial Medicine is a branch of services offered by Moreau PT to prevent and treat musculoskeletal injuries related to workplace injuries.


By implementing a injury prevention program, not only will injuries be prevented, but medical expenses paid by employers will decrease, employee turnover will decrease, and therefore productivity will increase.
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Types of Industrial Training

  • New Hire Training:Training offered to educate new hires on ergonimics, correct posture, body positioning, and risk factors in the workplace that can increase their risk for injury.
  • Injury Specific Training: Prevenative care and wellness solutions for a specific injury when there is a noted increase complaints or general preventation.
  • Ergonomic Training: Ergonomic education for all employees. Also can be used for on-site training to develop an ergonomic team for your location.

Types of Worksite Analysis

  • Risk Factor Analysis: Analysis of a worksite for potential risk factors that could lead to musculoskeletal injury by working with employees and management to understand workflow and job requirements and recommend possible solutions.
  • Office Ergonomics Analysis: Analysis performed in office areas to identify any ergonomic issues and prevent possible injury by proposing solutions to decrease the chance of future injury.
  • Functional Job Analysis: A procress used to objectively measure, quantify, and categorize all functional and positional physical demands required by all employees to perform that job.

Types of Industrial Testing

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation: A comprehensive, structured test used to objectively measure the safe functional capabilities of an individual across a wide range of work related activities.
  • Post-Offer Pre Employment Testing: A test used after an individual is offered a position, to determine the best job placement by matching their own physical capabilities with the physical demands required by a specific job.
  • Fit for Duty & Return to Work: A functional test used to determine if an employee can safely perform their job demands after a sustained injury in order to return to work.