Scoliosis Treatment: Schroth Method

What Is The Schroth Method: Physical Therapy For Scoliolosis?

The Schroth Method for scoliosis is a conservative exercise in a three-dimensional approach used to elongate the trunk and correct imbalances of the spine. The Schroth Method teaches you how to correct spinal rotation and increase lung capacity with a rotational breathing technique. The exercises used with Schroth help restore normal spinal alignment, pelvic corrections, breathing technique and stabilizing isometric contractions. The goal is to develop the inner muscles of the rib cage to change the shape of the upper trunk and to correct any spinal instabilities.

ScoliosisWhat Are The Exercise Goals?
  • Stabilizations of the curve(s)
  • Mobilization of stiff body parts
  • Improve postural alignment
  • Teach activities of daily living
  • Promotes corrections
  • Pain reduction
  • Enhance neuromuscular control
  • Increase muscle strength and endurance
  • Improve cardio-pulmonary function

Who Would Benefit From Schroth?

The Schroth treatment approach can be used to treat scoliosis patients of ALL AGES and can be utilized to treat all stages of scoliosis, including after surgery.

What Can You Expect From Schroth Physical Therapy Treatment?

Many patients see a visible improvement in the degree of their spine curvature after working with our physical therapists. The program length typically lasts between five and twenty sessions. The duration and frequency usually depend on the patient’s extent of scoliosis and tolerance for therapy. Some expected outcomes of a Schroth program may include:

  • Improved strength and core stability
  • Improved posture
  • Breathing improvement
  • Reduce Pain
  • Improved movement and function
  • A better understanding of the spine and patient’s self-management
  • Improved alignment of the pelvis

At Moreau Physical Therapy our goals for the Schroth Method is to prevent your scoliosis from advancing. Customized bracing can also be used depending on your age, the degree of curvature and bone maturity to complement your treatment. Teaching children how to breathe with bracing may be helpful for patients to avoid surgery. A long-term commitment to the Schroth method is necessary to ideal outcomes and success.

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