Earth Day Craft



  1. Paper coffee filters
  2. Washable markers
  3. Spray bottle with water


  • Using washable markers in blues and greens, color the coffee filter with continents and oceans. Although it can be fun to think about the shapes of the Earth's real continents and try to draw them accurately, this isn't important. Your child should aim to create a "blue-green marble", like our planet is seen from space. Note: Marker ink seeps quickly into the coffee filter, which is meant to absorb moisture, so you won't have to worry about the white spaces. 

  • Once you are done coloring, lay the coffee filter down on a flat surface and spray it lightly with water from a spray bottle. The ink will begin to run together and spread like a watercolor painting. Don't spray too much water, or else the colors may get very mixed and muddy.

  • Leave the wet Earth on the table top to dry. As soon as it is dry, tape it to a window. Happy Earth Day!