What to Expect From Sports Physical Therapy Sessions

A sports physical therapy session is an essential step in your athletic journey. Whether your goals are recovery or improvement, your first session is an opportunity to get started on your unique goals. If you want expectations for sports physical therapy, Moreau Physical Therapy in Louisiana is here to explain. Learn what you can expect from your first sports physical therapy experience.

Initial Assessment

Your first session will start with an initial assessment. This examination is a comprehensive evaluation of your current physical condition. Then, it is used to determine the best course of action for your rehabilitation. This is like creating the roadmap for how you and your physical therapist plan to achieve your goals.  

During this assessment, your physical therapist will ask about your injury or condition, physical activity level, and relevant medical history. They will also perform a physical examination. This assesses your range of motion, strength, flexibility, and any impairments affecting your ability to perform physical activities.

Setting Goals

Based on your initial assessment, your physical therapist will work with you to set achievable goals for your rehabilitation. These goals will be tailored to your individual needs and used to guide your therapy program. Your physical therapist will also discuss your therapy's expected outcome. At this time, they will provide an estimate of the time it will take to achieve your goals. As physical therapy develops, it may change to reflect any unexpected developments. 

Creating a Sports Physical Therapy Treatment Plan

Once your goals have been set, your physical therapist will create a treatment plan that reflects your unique situation. This plan accounts for your specific needs and includes various techniques and exercises designed to help you reach your rehabilitation goals. Your physical therapist will explain each exercise and its purpose. Additionally, they will provide instructions on how to perform it properly.

Hands-On Sports Physical Therapy in Louisiana

Hands-on therapy is an essential component of sports physical therapy and will likely be a part of your treatment plan. This type of therapy involves the physical therapist using their hands to perform massage techniques to the soft tissue and joint mobilizations or manipulations when necessary to help reduce pain and improve range of motion. Hands-on therapy can be combined with other therapeutic techniques and exercises to achieve the best possible outcome.

Therapeutic Exercises

In addition to hands-on therapy, your physical therapist will likely prescribe therapeutic exercises for you to do on your own. These exercises are designed to improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion and may include stretching, strengthening, and balance exercises. We also tailor exercises to focus on sport-specific movement and strengthening. Your physical therapist will demonstrate the proper form for each activity and guide you through each training as you become stronger.

Home Exercise Program

Your physical therapist will also provide you with a home exercise program to perform independently. This program complements your in-clinic therapy sessions and is essential to your overall rehabilitation plan. Your physical therapist will provide instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly. If there is confusion, they should be available to answer any questions.

It's important to remember that physical therapy is a collaborative process, and your active participation is critical to your success. Your physical therapist will provide the guidance and support you need. However, it's up to you to follow through with your home exercise program and attend all your scheduled follow-up visits.

Make Necessary Changes

In addition to following your physical therapy plan, it's also important to make lifestyle changes to support your rehabilitation goals. This may include making dietary changes, getting enough rest, and avoiding activities that may cause further injury. Your physical therapist can provide additional guidance on how to make these changes and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Finally, individuals must remain patient and stay positive. Rehabilitation can be a long and challenging process. With the help of a qualified physical therapist and your hard work and determination, you can achieve your rehabilitation goals. Before long, you may be able to return to your favorite activities stronger and healthier than ever.

Regular Follow-Up Visits

Sports physical therapy is a progressive process and requires regular follow-up visits with your physical therapist. During these visits, your physical therapist will assess your progress, modify your treatment plan if necessary, and provide additional guidance and support. Therefore, attending all your scheduled follow-up visits is essential to achieve the best possible outcome from your therapy.

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Sports physical therapy sessions are essential to your rehabilitation journey in Louisiana. With the guidance and support of a qualified physical therapist and your active participation and commitment, you can expect to make significant progress. 

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