5 Benefits of Physical Therapy Near Me | New Orleans

Whether you have injured a bone or muscle in an accident or developed pain due to sleeping positions or posture, lasting pain can affect your daily routine. This soreness can make working, exercising, or enjoying your daily activities incredibly difficult. This is where physical therapy can help! If you are searching for “physical therapy near me,” look no further than Moreau Physical Therapy in New Orleans. Here are five benefits you can gain by visiting our team of physical therapists.

1. Recover Faster From Injuries

“Can physical therapy near me help speed up my recovery in New Orleans?” The answer is yes! 

Injuries can develop from many catalysts. A traumatic injury from blunt force may cause a broken bone. Or, poor form during sports or exercise may lead to a repetitive injury. With the help of physical therapy, you can learn the correct form for your exercises or given sport to eliminate bad movements. And with a variety of services, you can find innovative methods to alleviate pain, promote tissue healing, and get back to your work and activities feeling better than before.

2. Prevent Future Injuries

Many individuals think that “I only need physical therapy near me in New Orleans if I’ve already suffered an injury.” While physical therapy can be an effective treatment for injuries, it can also help to boost your overall health and strength! Even without prior injury, this can help prevent future damage and promote healthier lifestyle habits. And if you are considering surgery to help with your recovery, you may even eliminate the need for surgical intervention.

3. Regain Mobility

Flexibility and general mobility can be greatly affected by injury, age, and sickness. From elderly patients to young athletes, physical therapy can help stretch away tension and build back muscle strength for better overall mobility. In addition to determining the right exercises to improve your condition, our physical therapists can also fit patients with assistive devices like crutches, orthopedic shoes, canes, and more to aid with mobility and healing.

4. Reduce Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you understand how it can make simple tasks immensely more difficult. Why not find relief with therapeutic exercises under the guidance of a licensed professional? At Moreau Physical Therapy, our experts help patients discover the tools they need for relief. Learn how to use kinesiology tape for gentle pressure and resistance. Work through orthopedic and manual physical therapy exercises that target your pain without exacerbating it. And, see how you can take the steps needed for relief without the need for pain medication or opioids.

5. Manage Issues As You Age

Many conditions can develop as you age. These factors can decrease your quality of life, from issues with bones and joints like arthritis to general back and neck pain. With the help of a skilled physical therapist in New Orleans, you can learn exercises that help ease your current pain and put preventative measures in place! Speak to our caring and qualified staff about any pre-existing conditions. We’ll help develop a plan personalized to your needs.

I’m Ready to Start Physical Therapy Near Me in New Orleans!

For those with recurrent pain or who are ready to begin active healing, it’s time to connect with a physical therapist near you. Moreau Physical Therapy in New Orleans East or Uptown looks forward to welcoming you in and beginning your road to recovery! Get started by giving us a call at 85-LIVE-MORE (855-483-6673) or requesting an appointment online. Let us help you get back on your feet faster with lasting results.