How to Find the Right Physical Therapist in Baton Rouge

Whether you’re recovering from a sports accident or need to find ways to improve your mobility, physical therapy can help you achieve relief. But, establishing the right physical therapist in Baton Rouge to help you reach your goals can take some time. Engaging in successful physical therapy treatment requires building a trusting relationship with your therapist. This is why it’s important to find someone who is not only qualified to help you with physical recovery, but can also mesh well with your personality! 

At Moreau Physical Therapy, we don’t just connect you with highly trained physical therapists. We make sure you have the tools you need to discover the best match for you. Here are a few pointers for making your hunt for the right physical therapist easier.

Start By Talking With Your Healthcare Provider

After suffering an injury, your doctor may advise you to pursue physical therapy for recovery. Take this time to ask your medical professional for recommendations! Your doctor should have connections with local clinics and encourage you to contact a trustworthy physical therapist. Finding a therapist that fits your needs is a very personal decision. However, a referral from your trusted doctor or primary care provider can go a long way as you make your choice.

Check for Good Reviews

As you look for a physical therapist in Baton Rouge, don’t shy away from reading online reviews. Hearing about the experience of other recovering patients just like you can help you learn what to expect. Did other patients receive kind, compassionate care? Did they find that the therapist had the necessary skills to help them improve? Did the therapist take the time to customize a recovery plan to fit their ability level? If you find a physical therapy clinic that is lowly rated, this can be an immediate red flag during your search. But if you find a practice that is praised by medical professionals and patients alike, this may be worth your consideration.

Investigate Your Therapist’s Manual Skills and Personal Skills

Think of your first few meetings with your physical therapist as a trial run. It can be difficult to know if your specialist is the best fit for you after just one interaction, so make sure to take the time to determine if their skills are a match for your needs. As you work with your physical therapist, pay attention to your interactions. Does your physical therapist make you comfortable and encourage you as you work through your exercises? What about their skills when it comes to hands-on treatment and massage for scar tissue and inflammation? How you feel both in practice with your therapist and simply talking with them is important to think about as you decide if they are the right professional for your recovery.

Find a Physical Therapist in Baton Rouge at Moreau Physical Therapy

For those looking for a physical therapist in Baton Rouge, Moreau Physical Therapy offers four convenient locations. Stop by our clinic at Highland Park, Old Hammond highway, Perkins road, or Bluebonnet boulevard. Give us a call at 855-483-6673, or send us a message for more information about our therapists, services, and more. Our team is prepared to help you overcome pain and injury with effective physical therapy methods, all while delivering the compassion you deserve.