How Pediatric Therapy Can Help Your Child

The skills built during childhood can set a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. The aid of a pediatric physical therapist can help your child overcome struggles they face as they grow. A physical therapist can help children develop the skills necessary to thrive in everyday life. Learn how a pediatric physical therapist in Zachary and Opelousas can benefit your child with the experts of Moreau Physical Therapy. 

What Does a Pediatric Physical Therapist Do? 

Physical therapists work with children struggling with the impact of illnesses, injuries, and conditions to help them improve their daily lives. These conditions can lead to pain, problems with physical development, and other concerns. The therapists at Moreau Physical Therapy strives to help your child overcome these challenges. Pediatric physical therapists can help improve mobility, develop or restore function, and alleviate pain.

During pediatric therapy, our therapists use their expertise to determine and implement a plan that meets your child's unique needs. While doing this, pediatric physical therapists use fun methods for exercises and stretches to create an enjoyable experience for children. 

How Our Pediatric Therapists in Zachary and Opelousas Provide Speech Therapy

If your child struggles with speech and language, the help of a pediatric speech therapist can be highly beneficial. These professionals help individuals who struggle to understand and express written and verbal language. Speech therapy commonly helps children with disabilities such as dyspraxia, dyslexia, and auditory procession disorder.

Many parents seek help from a tutor when their child is struggling with reading and spelling in school. However, consider contacting a speech therapist. Speech therapy goes beyond helping lisps and stutters. Often they help individuals struggling with language issues and other similar challenges. Speech therapy can even help with swallowing disorders or feeding problems. 

In fact, there are many areas a speech therapist can assist. Their services can be an invaluable resource for your child. For example, speech and language therapists help with the following:

  • Fluency – trouble with stuttering and flow of speech
  • Articulation – not speaking clearly and making errors in sounds
  • Voice and Resonance – trouble with voice volume, pitch, and quality
  • Oral Feeding – difficulty with eating, swallowing, and drooling
  • Expressive Language – trouble expressing or speaking a language
  • Pragmatic Language – trouble using language in socially appropriate situations
  • Receptive Language – trouble receiving or understanding language

If your child might benefit from speech therapy, don't hesitate to contact our team. Moreau Physical Therapy is happy to help you with any concerns or questions. 

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Addresses Strain from Daily Struggles

Watching your child struggle as they go about daily life can be heartbreaking. Infants and teenagers alike can learn to cope with or overcome their struggles with the expert guidance of occupational physical therapy in Zachary and Opelousas. Your child can experience more independence and confidence as their struggles become easier to manage.

Due to our therapists' immense experience, Moreau Physical Therapy can help your child meet the unique challenges of their stage of life. For example, preschool-age children can find help with dressing, using scissors, drawing, and playing with their friends. By refining the areas holding them back, your child can interact with the world and achieve a richer lifestyle. 

Our Team Is Ready to Help Your Child Live Their Best Life!

The pediatric therapists at Moreau Physical Therapy in Zachary and Opelousas are incredibly passionate about supporting your child however they can. Offering physical, occupational, and speech therapy, we are equipped and ready to help your child. You can contact us by sending us a message online or calling 855-483-6673. We look forward to hearing from you.