When to Visit a Physical Therapy Clinic in Baton Rouge

The benefits of skilled physical therapy services for Baton Rouge patients are vast and go beyond what many expect. Physical therapy practices aren’t limited to aiding with athletic injuries or post-operation recovery. For health and physical issues or concerns, physical therapy may be the solution for an issue you don’t realize you need. For those wondering when services from a physical therapy clinic in Baton Rouge would be helpful, learn about a few circumstances with Moreau Physical Therapy

Pain Management

No one wants to live with the burden of daily pain. Many people become accustomed to their physical discomfort, and try their best to ignore it. Some even become dependent on pain management medication. However, this isn’t necessary. If the act of moving causes pain, a physical therapist can help you manage and lessen your suffering. Depending on the cause and severity of the root issue, visiting a physical therapy clinic in Baton Rouge may even eliminate your pain altogether. Your physical therapist will work with you to create a personalized pain reduction plan. A physical therapist may use a variety of methods for pain management like aquatic therapy, dry needling, or the Graston Technique.

A Physical Therapy Clinic Can Help You Avoid Surgery

In some situations, surgery is the only way to treat conditions. However, often, physical therapy is first attempted to hopefully prevent a more severe treatment plan. Because of the success of physical therapy in these situations, many surgeons often recommend attempting this treatment to prevent the body from undergoing unnecessary trauma like invasive surgery. The potential risks of surgery such as complications, infections, and negative reactions to anesthesia could be avoided by working with a physical therapist. Your physical therapist will work with you to encourage your body’s natural healing process. For example, those who wish to avoid a hip or knee replacement can use aquatic therapy for early intervention treatment. 

Recovery After Stroke 

Victims of strokes commonly experience physical disabilities after their stroke. Motor functions can be drastically damaged from a stroke. Activities that once felt reflexive like walking, drinking, and other daily movements can become incredibly difficult. A physical therapist can work with stroke patients to relearn vital motor functions and regain some level of independence depending on the severity of the stroke. Speech and thinking skills are another vital focus area for stroke patients. 

Moreau Physical Therapy can provide neurological rehabilitation and occupational therapy for those recovering from a stroke. The experts of Moreau Physical Therapy work with your primary medical team and loved ones to help you reach your goals. We do this by focusing on the physical, emotional, and psychological components of each individual. 

Improved Your Mobility

Physical coordination is something many individuals struggle with. Being one with your body can prevent discomfort, injury, and more. A physical therapist can help you determine why your body’s mobility is being limited and treat the root of the problem. While treating the root of your immobility, your body will gain strength, stamina, and flexibility—granting you an awareness of your body. 

Are You in Need of Physical Therapy? 

The benefits of physical therapy go beyond the few situations previously mentioned. For example, physical therapy can help with pelvic floor issues, scoliosis, and more. If you are having an issue with your body, visit a physical therapy clinic in Baton Rouge like Moreau Physical Therapy. Our teams across South Louisiana have provided high-quality care with unwavering dedication since 1977. If you think visiting a physical therapy clinic in Baton Rouge would benefit your quality of life, do not hesitate to call 855-483-6673 or send us a message online.