6 Tips for Finding Physical Therapy in New Orleans, LA

Finding the right physical therapy clinic in New Orleans, LA, takes time. It’s important to know the right factors to consider during your search! This ranges from how well your personality works with your therapist to whether or not the clinic is equipped to meet your needs. Moreau Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing patients with top-level care, and we want to help you know what questions to ask your specialists. Keep these points in mind as you gather your research.

1. Search for Certified Physical Therapists

When searching for physical therapy in New Orleans, LA, make sure that you are seeking services from highly-trained professionals. Physical therapists are required to pass the National Physical Therapy Exam from the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. After passing, they will obtain their license to practice. In addition to their licensure, board certification can make them an even more attractive choice for your therapy. Not only does being certified help your therapist stand apart from others, but it also shows their dedication to staying up-to-date with current recovery techniques. 

2. Make Sure That You Mesh With Your Therapist

Partnering with a physical therapist is a big decision. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the expert you choose for your services! When talking with your physical therapist during initial consultations and appointments, pay attention to the way you feel. Aside from creating your personalized exercise and stretching plan, do they have hands-on skills to target inflammation and scar tissue? Are their humor and conversation a fit for you? Bonding with your specialist is key to successful physical therapy in New Orleans, LA. Make sure that this therapist is someone you can see yourself working with for the duration of your recovery.

3. Read Patient Testimonials

One of the best methods of learning about a physical therapy practice is reading testimonials from past or current patients. Hearing from others with similar pain or conditions to you can give you a glimpse into what your recovery process may be like. While our team can explain our services and the care you will receive, nothing speaks to quality like a personal review. If you are interested in reading reviews of Moreau Physical Therapy, check out the Google reviews for our clinics in New Orleans, LA. 

4. Gauge the Quality of the Clinic On Your First Visit

If you have the opportunity, schedule an in-person visit at the physical therapy clinic you are considering. Keep several points in mind as you tour the premises. What types of equipment does the facility have for you to use? How many staff members are available to help patients? Is the clinic clean and well organized? Do you feel comfortable in the environment? The answers to each of these questions can make or break your decision to become a patient. At Moreau Physical Therapy in New Orleans, LA, we would love to show you our clinic, introduce you to our staff, and help you take the first steps towards recovery.

5. Be Able to Articulate Your Pain

Whether you know the cause of your pain or not, it’s important to be able to describe your issues to your therapist. If you are having trouble with mobility due to shoulder pain, make sure to share this during your appointment. Or if you can’t pinpoint the specific injury, describe where your pain is the strongest. Being able to clearly share your issues can help to inform your physical therapist on what exercises are best for progress. Or, this can even help determine what therapy is right for your needs, from occupational therapy to orthopedic physical therapy. For help with this articulation, explore our patient educational content!

6. Don’t Hesitate to Call!

Speaking to a specialist can have a huge impact on your choice. If you have questions about physical therapy, or if you want to get a first glimpse at the personalities you will be working with, give your clinic a call. Speaking with a secretary or connecting to one of the physical therapists for a phone consultation can help you determine if the practice is a good fit for you. Make sure to have a list of questions and concerns ready to make the most out of your correspondence. And if you’re ready to begin treatment at the end of your call, move forward with scheduling!

Learn More About Moreau Physical Therapy in New Orleans, LA

For those searching for physical therapy in New Orleans, LA, our practice has two convenient locations. Visit our clinic in New Orleans East or Uptown to start the journey to better mobility, pain relief, and improved quality of life. You deserve rehabilitation and recovery with a personal touch. Message us through our website or call your closest clinic location to speak with a kind, helpful member of our staff.