When You Should Visit a Sports Physical Therapist

Athletes know that maintaining the health and well-being of their bodies is critical for reaching their goals. And, recognizing when it's appropriate to seek out the assistance of a sports physical therapist is crucial in achieving these goals. Sports physical therapy offers a diverse array of benefits for athletes, whether for rehabilitation from an injury or for injury prevention. To help athletes understand when to call a sports physical therapist, read some advice from the experts of Moreau Physical Therapy

Injury Prevention Is Key  

We all know that prevention is better than cure, and this certainly applies to physical therapy as well. If you are training for a big event or just starting a new sport, consider calling a physical therapist during your training. Visiting a physical therapist early on can help you improve your performance and avoid possible injuries in the future. How? By gaining a deeper understanding of how your body moves or should move differently. 

When you first meet with your physical therapist, they will likely start with an assessment. During this, they will assess your posture, flexibility, strength, and other issues that could affect your performance. Using this to understand how to move forward, they will develop a customized plan based on your strengths, risks, and shortcomings. 

This plan may include specific exercises tailored to fit your individual needs as an athlete playing your sport or position. Then, as you work with your physical therapist, you can use the helpful insight you've gained to improve and possibly prevent injury.

Sports Physical Therapists in Baton Rouge Can Make Injury Rehabilitation Easier

Working with a sports physical therapist can be incredibly beneficial for athletes who have recently suffered an injury. With their specialized training, sports physical therapists can help accelerate recovery and hopefully get athletes on the field as soon as possible.

Sports physical therapists may use a variety of therapeutic exercises to aid recovery. These exercises may include strength training, flexibility training, and balance exercises. These exercises are designed to help the individual return to their previous level of function and prevent future injuries.

Working with a physical therapist can also help athletes deal with post-injury anxieties. In fact, The New York Times released an article about the emotional impact of injuries on athletes. After an injury, athletes commonly develop fears and worries about a similar or worse injury reoccurring. 

But, in many cases, learning ways to stabilize and reinforce common movements of the sport can lessen those worries. An athlete's body is their most valuable asset, and gaining more awareness on proper application techniques can help them grow their potential.

In Need of a Sports Physical Therapist in Baton Rouge? Call Us. 

Whether you're a professional athlete or just starting out, seeing a sports physical therapist can benefit your athletic journey. From prevention to rehabilitation, a sports physical therapist's expertise provides guidance on optimizing health and performance in the present and future. 

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