Selling Your Practice

Why Partner with Moreau PT?

Moreau Physical Therapy is committed to treating patients with excellence in customer service and to inspire others to live a happier, healthier lifestyle. We strive to help every patient who entrusts us with their care, return to life, work, and activities they enjoy. We are focused on delivering positive patient outcomes through individualized programs with lasting results.

As a clinically dedicated organization committed to rehabilitation excellence, we are eager to partner with clinicians, owners, and hospital systems. Moreau PT empowers professional and financial growth through our talented and experienced team. We are always looking for opportunities to grow with similar like minded companies to join our Moreau family!

Thinking of Selling your Practice?

We understand what it means to be passionate about your profession and how that motivated you to start your own practice. We also know that reimbursement cuts occur, rules and regulations change frequently, and it becomes hard to navigate the changing climate instead of just being able to focus on what brought you into this field which is your passion to work with your patients. As your business has evolved and your circumstances have changed, you may be starting to consider the difficult process of what are your next steps. Do you ask yourself, how can I get back to my sole focus treating patients without the worry of managing a business? You may be thinking of how to start planning for your retirement, but do not have a succession plan. If you are at this point, you should contact us. With a shared commitment to excellence and creating an outstanding patient and employee experience, we would be happy to discuss your future opportunities.

Health System Partnerships and Management Services for group practices:

Moreau PT is always looking to connect with highly reputable health systems to provide excellence in patient care and outcomes. Our collaborative efforts with health systems result in outstanding management and staffing services to provide the best outcomes and patient satisfaction while increasing growth. Moreau PT also offers tailored rehabilitation services for elderly residents. While health trends are constantly shifting and seniors becoming vulnerable, it’s important for facilities to stay on the cutting edge. Our administration will handle the details, offering consistent research and highly trained clinicians so your residents get the best care.

Contact us:

Your company's reputation and your employees are important to you and to us. As an owner, if things have changed and you are considering selling your practice, we are here for you. 
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